MASTERY DESIGN is a concern created by a group of professionals highly qualified in the sector of design. It represents a centre of excellence of Italian design and dedicates its professionalism to offer new products and services in the van.

The multi-year and acknowledged experience of the people who work there with enthusiasm and dedication has seen MASTERY DESIGN collaborate with well-known names of prestige in national and international compass, and is appreciated for the discretion with which it collaborates with its customers.

The core business of the firm anyway is the 3D modeling for which it represents an important reference point in Italy

Our mission is generating sensations, spreading the concept transforming it into realistic visions: this is the reason why we believe that design is the keystone capable to make the difference in the success of a product and its marketing.

We think that design must involve, touch, give sensations and vibrations of pleasure, but also be strongly functional and efficient.

We are persuaded that making an investment to render an emotion visible we can get a better result of the final product.

MASTERY DESIGN operates in the following sectors:

Automotive, Naval, Architecture, Fashion and Luxury to give value to ideas.

Its style centre, directed by Fabrizio Pepe is able to develop: design, turnkey projects, and to make style research and development of prototypes till the final realization of the object in collaboration with reliable partners.

Our most important activities in 3D are:

  • 3D modeling (mathematical model) either surface design (C Class), or hight quality surface design (A and B Class)
  • presentations in virtual reality
  • rendering
  • real time rendering
  • animation
  • concept in 3D

Besides, activities in 2D as: style, design, illustration, concept in 2D.

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ROBERTO GIOLITO / F.C.A. Emea Design Head

I have been working with Fabrizio for a long time by now. In him coexist a great sensibility and the strength to produce, anytime and in any operative condition, the necessary energies to carry out a great result. Just about strength, the complex digital process of the evolution of the style model makes it so that not always an engaging result can rely only on a wide range of resources. Sometimes it is the very effectiveness of choosing the right strategic moves, of sensing desires and targets (not always communicable either with words or graphically) that make the great difference between a job done in an ordinary manner and another one unwinding itself along the paths of excellence and pure MASTERY. This is the winning point of Fabrizio and of his concern, all based on sensibility, listening, vision, know-how and strength, when a course is well outlined. It is there, then, that pure energy intervenes, where knowing the know-how and method give the clearest contributions to hit the mark in any project, … any adventure, always.  Thank you Fabrizio!

ALFREDO STOLA / Studio Torino Owner

Fabrizio Pepe was introduced to me in Spring 2013 The context was my project “Studiotorino” for the realization of the Moncenisio prototype based on Porsche types 981. We had to develop the mathematical calculations for defining the body volumes and Fabrizio did not hesitate to take part in the project. About him, I was struck, besides his high technical skill, by his autonomy in carrying out his job, the perfect syntony with the style I wanted and a very good culture of car in its many aspects. To work well and with pleasure in the world of technical development, I like so much people with the pure “passion” for automobiles and Fabrizio surely has got a lot of it.


I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Fabrizio for over ten years. Besides being a highly skilled, fast and efficient modeler - I have always been extremely impressed with the positive energy he brings to every project , and his ability to maintain that energy until the job is done.